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Double A® Hydraulics is Your Best Choice for Pumps, Valves and Hydraulic Power Units

Double A® Hydraulics was founded by engineers who were involved in the application of the original Double A product line. Double A products were developed and marketed as an innovative and reliable line of pumps, valves, and hydraulic power units. The brand was abandoned when the original company was acquired by a competitor. Fortunately, the engineers believed in these products and created a new company with a specific focus on these innovative and highly useful hydraulic products. Double A® Hydraulics is pleased to offer high performance directional control valves and pumps for a wide range of applications.

With over 5 decades of engineering data and product literature, as well as an inventory of original products, Double A® Hydraulics supports the users of the Double A product line. In addition to our replacements, substitutions, and rebuilds, Double A® Hydraulics is also prepared to supply high quality components and assemblies for new applications.

Directional Control Valves
Robust, high quality Double A® Legacy QF, QJ, and QM directional control valves are available with D03 and D05 interface patterns, and are equally suitable as a replacement for existing valves or for new applications. Equipped with wet armature solenoids for longer, quieter life, these directional control valves are designed to perform, even in adverse environments. Double A® Legacy QF, QJ, and QM directional control valves have a maximum work port operating pressure of 4500 psi, with low pressure drops. The D03 valves feature maximum flows up to 16 GPM, and the D05 valves can flow up to 32 GPM. DIN or Junction Box electrical connections available, all with standard indicating lights.

Pumps for Hydraulic or Fluid Transfer Applications
The gerotor H-Series pumps have earned a reputation for dependable, low cost performance and dependability. With high efficiency and quiet operation, these pumps for hydraulic or fluid transfer applications are also extremely tolerant of contaminants, making them ideal for harsh industrial environments. The gerotor H-Series elements include an internal gear, keyed to the shaft, within an external gear. The internal gear is designed to have one fewer lobe than the external gear. The pumps operate by increasing the volume between the rotating gears during the intake portion of each turn, and decreasing the volume during the discharge portion. Double A Hydraulics offers quality rebuilds of your existing H-Series Gerotor pumps.

PVPQ Piston Pumps
Rugged Double A® PVPQ variable displacement piston pumps feature a cast iron housing and optimized valve timing for operation, making them ideal for noise sensitive environments. Offering high operating efficiencies and low deadhead power requirements, maximum displacement stops allow the flow to be adjusted to suit the application. Rugged Double A® PVPQ piston pumps have fast compensator response times, with full flow to deadhead in 30 to 50 milliseconds, and deadhead to full flow in 70 to 110 milliseconds. A range of pump displacements are available while supplies last.

Whether you have an existing system outfitted with Double A Products, or you are looking to create a new high performance hydraulic system, look to Double A® Hydraulics as your best choice for a pumps, valves and hydraulic power units.