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PVPQ Piston Pumps
PVPQ Piston Pump

*This is original literature from Double A, Brown & Sharp Fluid Power Division.


Double A Hydraulics PVPQ Piston Pumps
PVPQ Piston Pump

Double A® PVPQ variable displacement piston pumps feature a rugged cast iron housing and optimized valve timing that result in quiet operation. These pumps are ideal for industrial or other noise sensitive environments.

These pumps have high operating efficiencies, and low deadhead power requirements.  Maximum displacement stops allow flow to be adjusted to suit the application. Compensator response times are fast, with full flow to deadhead in 30 to 50 milliseconds, and deadhead to full flow in 70 to 110 milliseconds. A range of pump displacements are available.

These pumps were originally offered by Double A® Hydraulics, a Division of Brown and Sharp, and are available while supplies last.